2 amazing animals that are extinct

When conservation of wildlife activities intensifies, many people only think of such measures as being unduly restrictive. The going into extinction by man’s indiscriminate hunting of the two species of animals – Quagga and Great Auk – has proved that when poaching and other illegal activities that cause loss of animal life are not controlled, some animals can go into extinction. In some cases, the habitats of these animals have been encroached upon destructively.

The Great Auk

great auk extinct animal

Image credit: Flickr MuseumWales

Take an example of the Great Auk; it was a flightless bird which had a uniquely shaped beak and an attractive coloring of feathers. Even by taking a quick glimpse at the bird it is easy to note that it came from the family of penguins. It had its own season for laying eggs and was a giant bird with a length of 85 centimeters and a weight of 5 kilograms. One of the most disheartening estimates reveals that by the time this bird went into extinction in mid 19th Century, it had been hunted passionately by humans for a period of 100,000 years. But in the end, man managed to get rid of the last remaining offspring of this amazing bird. Some people hunted it merely for food while others hunted it for the very prestige that it offered people who managed to kill it.


quagga extinct animal

Image credit: Flickr Recuerdos de Pandora

The other animal that is no longer on the planet due to the ugly uncontrolled hunting activities is the Quagga. This animal’s name is a Xhosa translation of the word Zebra. For sure, in appearance, it looked like a zebra. In fact, even when you look at zebras today you can come to appreciate that they have distinctive differences amongst themselves. Therefore, the Quagga was an animal that had stripes in the front part of the body – on the head and around the neck. But toward the other part of the body, the stripes were of a fading nature and widely spaced. On the legs, there were completely no stripes, and they were light colored. Due to the heavy hunting activities it also came to disappear just as the cave line.

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