3 amazing gadgets to make your life easy

Gadgets are a small machine or tool to perform a specific task in very less time with no extra effort. Since last decade, science and technology had shown a lot of miracles and thousands of new gadgets have been invented to make our daily life easy.  Let us have a light on some amazing gadgets.

Hands-free umbrella:



This gadget is ideal for cyclists. During heavy rains, cyclists often feel difficulty in riding along with a common umbrella. So, to make those cyclists familiar with these rains, this amazing gadget was created by Alan Kafman, a New Yorker. This amazing umbrella names Nubrella is designed to bear the winds of about 50 mph. For more information about this umbrella you may refer here. To buy, click here.

Door Handle With Self-sterilization System:

Image credit: Flickr yikt

Prevention is better than cure. It is a famous idiom used in our daily life. Choi Bomi used this idiom in making of this new gadget. She created a new door handle with self-sterilization system to protect ourselves from diseases. Its a defensive gadget as the door handles are the ideal places for many germs, viruses and bacteria that can cause lots of diseases. So, no one of these microscopic enemies will be able to survive on this self-sterilized System. Door handle with Self-sterilization System also stands as a winner in Red Dot Design Concept.

IQ Alarm Clock:

Image credit: Flickr yikt

For many people it is very difficult to awake on time even in the presence of a digital alarm where the Snooze button helps them to sleep for some more time. Oliver Sha, a mechanical engineer has now designed the IQ Alarm Clock. Here are some features of this amazing alarm clock.

  • No Snooze button
  • It will ask you some brain teasers and you must answer them to shut the alarm.
  • To power it off you must press and hold it for 30 seconds.

I don’t think by doing all this someone will be able to sleep again. BTW, its a good tool for me too.

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