8 Shocking Facts about Mondays

facts about monday

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If you put religion aside and follow ISO, then Monday is the first working day of the week. But it doesn’t matter whether you go to work on Monday or not but these shockingly amazing facts about Mondays are true and will shock you for a moment.

We have collected some amazing information from round the world and we found some shocking facts about Mondays. Most of the facts are very disturbing and most of them are related to working class.

To be honest, I hate Monday 🙂


8: Almost 50% of employee are late to work

employees are late on monday

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Researchers have noticed and are claiming on various forums, journals and talks that employees find it hard to believe that in fact it’s Monday and they have to go to work. LOL, so true. This cause almost half of the work force to go late to work. (Are you among them ?? 🙂

7: Almost 10 minutes moan on Monday

people moan on monday

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I am confident over this one and believe you are with me on this one as well, Monday is the most hated day of the week. Most people moan more than 10 minutes as soon they are awake on Monday.

6: Aged, Mature and Professional people are the most suffered one

aged and professionals on monday

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It’s been observed that people aged above 40 suffer more on Monday than anyone else and they spend more than 10 minutes moaning.

5: Productivity rate is below 30% among workers

employee productivity low on Monday

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Researchers observed that Monday is the least productive day for employees as they are only able to work for 3 hours or less. So Monday is not the day for employees to getting things done.

4: Monday is suicide day

monday is suicide day

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According to an article published on BBC News years back, the rate of committing suicide on Monday is quite high compared to weekends. e.g: 16% of male and 17% of female commit suicide on Monday compare to 13% on Weekends.

3: Monday is Heart Attack Day

monday is heart attack day

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According to a British Medical Journal 20% increase in heart attacks have been observed on Monday compare to the other days of the week. The attacks could be caused by work load or work pressure from stress and high blood pressure.

2: Monday is less Rainy Day

monday is less rainy day

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Monday is supposedly believed to be the least rainy day of the week and most probable cause as many believe to be the pollution caused by people on weekend. Don’t know how much fact this is 🙂

1: Monday is Car Buying Day

Monday is car buying day

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Now everything we mentioned on the above 7 facts were quite shocking and depressed about Monday but there is a flip and positive side of Monday as well. According to this article published a few years back on Yahoo voices Monday is the best day to buy a car as there are high chances of discounts.


Now it’s your turn to tell us the truth about your Monday and how you feel and see Monday ..


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