Amazing facts about Pandas

Panda, or the giant Panda (called as big bear cat in China) is a rare species of bear from China. Although bears may have different colors like black, brown, white and gray but Pandas are milk-white with unique black markings on eyes, ears and accross its body. They are most active during daytimes and are a good tree climbers. They are mammals and just some thousands of the pandas left in this world.

Pandas are one of the cutest animals in the world and also the endangered one. Their diet is extremely limited and on the other hand they are very less reproductive that makes them on top of endangered species list. The Chinese goverment has now taken several revolutionary steps to protect Pandas.

Where are Pandas found:
Pandas are found south western and central-western China. Also many of them can be found in Zoos around the world.

Amazing facts about Pandas: Amazing Facts about Pandas

  • There white and black visible fur is just like a coat over its body. In actual there body is pink.
  • There diet is 99% Bamboo but wild Pandas may also eat other grasses, bananas, Oranges, eggs and even fish and birds.
  • They don’t rely on visible memory but spatial memory (a part of memory that can record information temporarily).
  • An adult Panda is 1900 times larger than the new-born Panda(Cub).
  • The new-born Panda opens its eyes after approximately 50 to sixty days of its birth so the mother panda prefers to stay nears her cubs.

image credit: dooley jl08

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