The African Barkless Dog Basenji

Barking Dogs seldom bite. Dogs and barking are directly related to each other , but amazingly there are some African barkless dog breeds which you may not be aware of but they do exist. These dogs produces a yodel-like sound called a “barroo” and due to this specialty these dogs have earned  its nickname, “Barkless Dog”.

Naturally, Basenji is a hunting dog by its breed originating from Central Africa. This breed is related to one of the most popular breed of dogs i-e Hound. Basenji has many unique or less common traits as compared to other breeds of dogs. They have only one breeding season a year, while other breeds has two or more. One of the many theories about Basenji is that their original foundation stock came from Congo Basin.

Physically, Basenji are small with short hair, erect ears and a curled tail. Due to their graceful neck, they also looked like a deer. They are typically a square breed which means they are as tall as they are long. Basenji are athletic dogs, fully confident and their curled tail help them to maintain their balance at top speed.

Some other aspects of Basenji, which make them different from other breeds are that they are energetic, alert, speedy and tirelessness. They can become emotionally attached to a single human as well. They usually dislike wet weather. According to a research, they take very less time to get trained.

I hope you find this information about Basenji useful, if you have more info about barkless dog basenji or similar, Please do share it with us with in the comments below or via our contact page.


Image credit: fugzu

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