Birds, the flying beauties on the earth

In this world, we have been gifted by our God with many beautiful things around. There are thousands of birds, animals and other living organisms that are so beautiful that while seeing them one can think of the birds from heavens.

Although there are thousands of beautiful species of birds and animals in this world but we are going to explore some birds today that are far from the world’s eyes and not much known to common people. Hope you’ll like them.

Cape Petrel:


Image credit: Flickr Liam Q

Cape Petrel is a common sea bird that is found in many islands of Antarctica. They are very beautiful and have a very eye-catching color scheme with black and white colors in it. They are also called as Cape Pigeon or Pintado Petrel.

Eurasian Teal:

Image Credit: Flickr ferran pestaña

This wonderful species of dabbling-ducks are inhabitant to Eurasia and they migrate towards south in winter and they can be found in almost all countries while migrating. They are blue-green in colour.


Image credit: Flickr gazza54

Kookaburra is a species of Kingfisher that is commonly found in New Guinea and Australia. Along with their beauty, they are famous for their loud voice that is amazingly resembles to human laughter.

Red-billed Streamertail:

Image credit: Flickr maholyoak

Red-billed Streamertail is a beautiful and colorful member of hummingbird family. It is found in Jamaica and often called as Doctor Bird. It is the national bird of Jamaica. It was also called as the most beautiful Bird in the world in Ian Fleming’s James Bond Short Story.

Himalayan Bluetail:

Image credit: Flickr JJ Harrison

Himalayan Bluetail is a beautiful bird that is found in the forests of Himalaya and Tibet. They are generally blue in colour but some of the females are also grey. They are also known as Himalayan Red-flanked Bush-Robin.

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