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Spectacular BODY Tricks You can Use in a Pinch!  There is always those times when you have a bit of a little health ailment.  Maybe it is an itchy throat or you need to go to the restroom and there is not one to be found.  Or it could be a case of hiccups or brain freeze.  Ever wonder what you can do to combat these little health snafus?

Health Tricks

1.  So lets say your throat has an itch.  Try scratching your ear.  When you do that the nerves in your ear receive stimulation which in turn causes a small muscle spasm.  Before you know it, your itch is gone.

2. Got the hiccups, well we have a solution for you!  Take your thumb and the second finger and press over your eyebrow.  The hiccups usually clear up after awhile.

3.  If you need to go to the restroom but none can be found, what are you do?  Well, if you fantasize about having RELATIONS that tends to distract your brain and switches off to some degree your desire to relieve yourself.

4.  Do you have a stuffy nose?  You can get some relief from the sinus pressure by taking your tongue and pushing it upward against the top of your mouth, then press a finger firmly against your eyebrow.  Repeat for around 25 seconds.  What happens is the vomer bone begins to vibrate and this contributes to breaking up the congestion.

5. So let say you ate a lot of food and are really feeling stuffed as you turn in for sleep.  Lay on your left side.  This will prevent your from suffering from an acid reflux reaction and keeps you stomach lower than the esophagus.

6. So you are on the phone but you can barely make out what the other person is saying.  Remember that the right ear is usually better at picking up rapid speech, while the left ear is more in tuned with deciphering musical tones.

7.  Let say you have a nose bleed.  How do you  stop it?  Try placing cotton on your upper gums right below where your nose is located and press with firm pressure.  Usually most nose bleeds originate from the cartilage wall and by applying pressure you are able to accelerate the clotting and the nose bleed is stopped.

8.  You are at the doctor’s office and you learn that you are going to get an injection and you are apprehensive about the pain.  Trying coughing once the needle enters.  By doing so, you increase the pressure in your spinal canal and this reduces pain levels.

9.  You are eating your favorite bowl of ice cream and suddenly you get brain freeze.  Press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth.  Try get the whole tongue to cover as much of the top of your inner mouth as possible.  When you suffer from brain freeze the nerves in this area are exposed to cold.  Your job now is to warm up that area.

10.  If your hand falls asleep what are you to do?  Try rocking your head side to side.  The reason why your hand fell asleep is because the nerves in your neck are compressed.  So you need to loosen up that area.  If your foot falls asleep, it is the same principle.  The nerves in the lower body are compromised and you need to get up and walk around.

11.  You have been out late drinking way too much alcohol and you are wondering what you might be able to do to feel a bit better.  The room is spinning, it seems, and you need to steady yourself.  If this happens to you, place your hand on something rock solid and stable.  Alcohol dilutes your blood levels and within your inner ear, your cupula which helps you maintain your balance is impacted.  By placing your hand on a solid object, your brain is able to process a reference point and this minimizes the spinning sensation.

12. If you ever need to buy more time underwater, taking a bigger breath does not necessarily make it happen.  What you should do is  take yourself to a minor state of hyperventilation by taking several rapid breaths.  You will fool the brain by thinking it has more oxygen, which ends up giving you about 10-15 more seconds underwater.



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  1. larry
    February 12, 2013 | 2:19 am

    # 12 is a good way to get shallow water blackout

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