Butterflies taste with their feet

Butterfly (often called as flying flowers) is a beautiful day-flying insect that have been found in
this world from about 40-50 million years ago. The have large and colorful scaly wings due to which they are good fliers. They are among the beautiful creatures on the earth. They are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica.

As butterflies are insects, they have six legs, a pair of antenna, chest and the tail end. They also
have 4 stages of life like other insects i-e egg, larva pupa and adult. Their body temperature should be above 86 farenheit that helps them to fly properly and without any problem.

There are about 28000 species of butterflies and among all the species, 20,000 of them are found in the rainforests of South America. There are also many varieties that are poisonous. The amazing thing about the butterflies’ flying speed is that they can fly from about 5 mph to 30 mph. The poisonous ones fly slower while the non-poisonous flies faster.

Some facts about Butterflies:

  • They are cold-blooded and they need sun because they do not produce metabolic heat like humans.
  • They taste with their feet because their taste sensors are located on the bottom of their feet. So just by standing on a leaf or flower they can taste it to check whether they should sit on it or not.
  • If you touch a butterfly it will be killed, reason is when you touch it, the color of the wings may be rubbed off that are actually the scales that are neatly arranged in rows.
  • Their average life span is 20 to 40 days while there are some species that can live up to 10 months.
  • Instead of mouths, they have a long straw-like structure (proboscis), so they can’t chew or byte but drink the nectar and juices from flowers.
  • Butterflies are bone-less but they have about 1000 muscles in their body which help them to move faster.
  • Although they make no sound, but some species make a loud sound with their wings, such butterflies are found in Florida and Texas.
  • They can’t hear, they just feel vibrations.

Although there are thousands varieties of this colorful creature but some most famous are Monarch, Australian Painted Lady, Peacock Butterfly, Leopard Lacewing and Blue Morpho.


Image credit: wwarby fmorgen Big Grey Mare ~ Back–But Barely

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