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Obama Going To Prom?

Prom season is here! So, while all the ladies are out at the last minute shopping for dresses and the guys scrambling for tuxedos we thought we would add to the prom tornado with a look at one of the most interesting prom photos ever to be taken.

President Obama in 1979 taking his Prom pictures! In the photo below you can clearly see that Obama is having a really great time!

Image Source: Time Magazine

Image Source: Time Magazine


5 Celebrities Who Used To Be “Ugly”

A lot of us can’t help but fantasize what it would be like to be famous. To have the money, cars, big houses and everything else that comes along with fortune and fame. Generally, celebrities are looked at as the height of the perfection. They have the perfect face and the perfect body. Magazines articles are written about how good they look and men and women all over the globe stand in awe. However, you might find it shocking to learn that not every celebrity out there started out with the greatest of looks. In fact, one could make an argument that by our societies standards the celebrities on the list below were not overly attractive.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift