Eerie Similarities Between Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln

Many believe that Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy are two of the most influential and impactful leaders to have held the office of President of the United States. An analysis of their many contributions, along with the trials and tribulations they endured would fill many textbooks.  It seems that with every passing year, a new book or movie is released detailing their life, contributions, and their near mythological popularity.  So as each merits a great deal of attention, when you compare and contrast how they relate to each other, you are left with some very unusual and somewhat eerie similarities.  Let us explore.

Image Credit: Flickr, Zen Cupcake

Image Credit: Flickr, Zen Cupcake

  1. Both men launched their meteoric rise to the Presidency with their elections to Congress exactly 100 years apart.  Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.  Kennedy joined Congress in 1946.
  2. 100 years also separated the day they took office to be President.  Lincoln was elected in 1860 and John F. Kennedy in 1960
  3. Both men as Presidents had a profound influence on Civil Rights with Lincoln, as illustrated in the recent Steven Spielberg movie, being in center of the cause of abolishing slavery. President Kennedy initial efforts to bring an end to discrimination of blacks and other races spearheaded after his death the Civil Rights Act.
  4. Both Presidents lost a child while living in the White House.  Abraham Lincoln son, Willy died of typhoid when he was 11 years of age.  Kennedy and his wife lost a infant child two days after its birth.
  5. Both Presidents were assassinated and their killers acted on a Friday.
  6. Both Kennedy and Lincoln were shot in the head which turned out to be the mortal wound.
  7. Kennedy’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln,  expressed concern about his trip to Dallas as did  others who were concerned with his safety.  Lincoln, it has been alleged had a secretary named Kennedy, and he was warned not to go to Ford’s Theater.
  8. Both men were shot by a southerner.  John Wilkes Booth was a southern sympathizer, while Lee Harvey Oswald who shot Kennedy lived in Texas and worked in a Book Depository building near the President’s motorcade route.
  9. After the death of President Kennedy and President Lincoln, they were succeeded by Vice President’s whose name was “Johnson”.  Andrew Johnson replaced Lincoln as President and Lyndon B. Johnson took over the reins from Kennedy.
  10. Both assassins were commonly known by three names.  John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln and Lee Harvey Oswald who ended President Kennedy’s life
  11. Both assassins names consist of 15 letters.
  12. Booth ran from a theater and was caught in a warehouse.  Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
  13. Both assassins were they themselves assassinated before they could be tried.
  14. A month before being assassinated, Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland.  A month before being assassinated he was with Maryland Monroe.
There you have it!  Now, one could argue that if one tries hard enough, you can find similarities between us all and this is likely quite true.  But when you peel back all of the probabilities of what might be common between us all, you still have to admit that these two great Presidents are an extraordinary number of things that are connected.  It could be argued that there is a spiritual bond between the two for such a thing to happen.  Of course, many things can be argued and explained away.  But when it is all done, we are still left with these most eerie of similarities between President Kennedy and President Lincoln.
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  1. kuron
    January 26, 2013 | 4:28 pm

    Thank you for interesting post:))
    Beyond the time of 100 years, synchronicity occurs. human beings are connected beyond the space and time.
    Human existence is mysterious!!!

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