Famous Assassinations in History


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The History of the world is full with such incidents where the popular leaders or celebrities were assassinated unexpectedly and their assassination was a shock to their nation as well as the world. In this post, we are going to gather some famous assassinations in History.


Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, the Roman general and monarch of great Roman Empire came into senate session and with in the due course he was attacked furiously by senate members he resisted the attack for some time but was outnumbered and out powered by the eventually, before his death he saw his closest friend Decimus Brutus among the mobs and he surprisingly asked, “Et tu Brute?”(You too Brutus?)   and thus one of the great dictators and general of history embraced his unfortunate death by the hand of his closed ones.

Tipu Sultan

Famous Indian ruler Tipu Sultan was another victim of the same act where his close associates help his enemies defeating him and Mir Sadiq who was on the post of a senior minister in his cabinet is widely considered as a big reason for his defeat and eventual death by the hand of British.

Margaretha Geertruida

On 15th October 1917, famous French dancer and stage performer Margaretha Geertruida (better known as Mata Hari) was executed by French firing squad after she was found guilty of spying for Germans and killing over 50,000 of allied soldiers by the hands of Germans.

John F Kennedy

Lee Harvey Oswald was a former US army personnel who successfully assassinated US president John F Kennedy. Two days later while he was being transferred to a jail, he also shot dead by a night club owner. With Oswald’s death, a question remained unanswered forever i.e why did he assassinated Kennedy and whether he was the sole assassin or had some other partners too?

Mohandas Gandhi

Nathuram Godse was an Indian and a member of radical Hindu organization who was responsible for the murder of Mohandas Gandhi the founder of independent India. He plot this assassination with 7 of his mates. Nathuram Godse, later put in trial and was hanged in 1949.

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