Fish rain in Australia

fish rain

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It’s raining Cats and Dogs is an English idiom used to describe heavy rain but have you ever thought if it could really rain animals along with water. You must be wondering if one has lost their mind, but yes it has rained with animals dropping down along with the water. This has happened not just once but many times.

February 25th and 26th, 2010, the locals of Lajamanu, The Northern Territory of Australia, witnessed this amazing fish rain. It was an astonishing incident for the people of Lajamanu. Surprisingly it was recorded as the third such event at Lajamanu in last 30 years.

February 28th 2010, a night between Thursday and Friday, Central Australia and the top end of Australia was hit by torrential rains. This amazing event not happened once but twice that night.
According to an eye witness of this most unusual of rain occurences, “hundreds and hundreds of small white fish had fallen from sky. They fell from the sky everywhere and most of the fish were alive when they hit the ground”.   The witness  also took some photograph of the fish on the ground and in a bucket as they were collected. Some of them were frozen too.  It is cold up there in the upper atmosphere!
The people of Lajamanu are still thankful to God for not raining the crocodiles from sky.

Some facts about Lajamanu:

  • Lajamanu is a small town, situated on an edge of the Tanami Desert and is hundreds of kilometers away from the nearer lakes and coast.
  • It is located close to the center of Australia.

Some facts about Animal Raining:

Raining animals is a rare and unique meteorological phenomenon in which different kinds of animals rain from the sky. According to some scientific reports it may happen when strong winds or tornadoes pick up fish or frogs and carry them for several miles but it has been rarely witnessed.

Given below are some examples of such events:

  • Rain Fish at Singapore, on February 22, 1861
  • Rain of Frogs and Toads at Rákóczifalva, Hungary, on 18–20 June 2010 (rained twice)
  • Rain of Jellyfish at Bath, England, in 1894
  • Rain of Spiders at Salta Province, Argentina, on April 6, 2007

If similar incidents have had happened in your city or country, please do share it with us.

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    January 25, 2012 | 6:18 pm

    it is really Interesting.

  2. admin
    January 25, 2012 | 8:02 pm

    Indeed it’s very strange and interesting..

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