Frog: Innocent or Killer, amazing species

Many of you would be familiar with this small jumping animal named frog, normally found in ponds, lawns of cities and towns.
Its inner body system i.e: Digestive System, resembles to Human Body’s system and hence, it is widely used by Medical students to understand the basic anatomy of Humans.

Another funny similarity of frogs with Humans is that a group of frogs is called an Army.


Some details about Frogs:

Frog stands in the category of amphibians ( Frogs, toads and salamanders etc ). Most of the species have short body while there common characteristics are their flexible eyes and long powerful legs that help them to jump.

There are about 5,000 species of frogs discovered and it is believed that many of them are yet to discover.


The Killer Frog:
If you have been thinking of frog as an innocent creature, think again. There are some frogs that can kill a human being in seconds, infact there one drop of poison is enough to kill many humans. The Golden Poison Dart Frog’s skin produce such a powerful toxin that a Human can die immediately, if the frog is touched directly.

It is also confirmed that this frog has killed many humans. It is found in Columbia. Its skin consists of alkaloid poison that is highly toxic for humans.


Some other amazing species of frogs:

  • Bornean Flat-headed Frog:

One of the most amazing species of frogs, it has no lungs and it breathes through its skin. They are found in rainforests of Indonesia.

Image Credit: Photobucket David Bickford

  • Wood Frog:

This amazing frog can survive after getting frozen and its heart also stops beating but some amount of glucose in its blood keeps the important organs from freezing. After change of weather, the frog starts melting and once again live on.

Image credit: Flickr Ontario Wanderer

  • Goliath Frog:

It is the largest species of frog that can grow up to 13 inches and weighs upto 3 KG. It is found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

Image Credit: Flickr tomylees

Hope you liked the information, do you know about any other amazing species of frog, if your answer is yes i know that, then please do share it with us in the comments below and we will either add it in the post above or create a new post on your name.

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