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Relationship Wisdom – Men From Mars & Women From Venus?

Amazing things happen around us all of the time and often we cannot begin to explain how it came to be.    One of the most amazing things of all is how men and women interact and come to know the other’s thoughts and feelings.  Some say that our biggest challenge is coming to understand our partner.  For men who do not have a clue about women’s feelings, one good place to start is to realize big things come can from small acts.  Less is more, so goes the thinking.

Relationships Between Men and Women


The Crocheted Tree

Tree art seems to be gaining traction and here is a case where a Crocheted Tree which can be found at the The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois is embracing the unusual. Crochet is an art form, but when you make reach out to nature in the form of a tree then you are really taking art down a path not often seen.

Image Credit: Flickr, Michael Kappel

Image Credit: Flickr, Michael Kappel