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The Need For Answers

Bright is the Sun.  Why is that and what does that have to do with God?  Quite simply, it largely depends on who you talk to.  All of us have our own preconceptions around such things as science and religion.  Where these two huge topics intersect often lies controversy.


Bright is the Sun


Imagination Is Everything – The Preview Of Life’s Coming Attractions

What are some of the most imaginative creations that have come about through great ingenuity and the ability to shift a paradigm?  History is full of examples where people have tapped into their fertile imaginations and through the sheer force of that creativity engineered an idea, product, or service that went on to change the landscape.  Einstein’s quote below puts it into proper perspective and it is very appropriate that we tap into Albert Einstein’s world view on such matters given his ability to tap into some of the most imaginative concepts ever to be considered by mankind.  Einstein would do what was known as thought experiments.

Image Credit: Flickr, EmbellishedMinds

Image Credit: Flickr, EmbellishedMinds