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The Limbo World Record

Everyone has been to those parties where eventually someone turns on the music and does the limbo. Well, what if we were to tell you that we have footage of someone breaking the limbo world record? However, before we get into that we would like to explain what the limbo is for those of you who don’t already know.

Limbo is a type of dance form. Initially, it was done the opposite way you would think. You see, instead of the bar being placed at the highest height and slowly lowered the limbo was meant to start at the lowest possible height and be slowly raised. This would symbolize an emergence from death into life. As it stands now, the limbo is considered to be the national dance of Trinidad and Tobago. We were kind enough to find a picture of someone doing the limbo below to give you a general idea of how the dance is performed:

Found Via

Found Via

Now, we are sure that a lot of our readers are aware of what the limbo is but perhaps you aren’t so familiar with the limbo world record. In fact, the limbo world record is so bizarre that you literally have to see it to believe it. First off, we want to say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

The man who broke the limbo world record had the bar set 5 7/8 inches off the ground. Lets put this in perspective for a moment, he limbo-ed under a bar that was just under half a foot. Of course, we can’t do the amazing feat justice with a simple picture. So, we strongly suggest you watch this video to see how amazing this feet truly is…


This Guy Runs A Triathlon Every Year… Carrying His Daughter

Sometimes there are certain things that people do that just make you go… WOW! Today we came across a story that literally brought tears to our eyes. Rick Van Beek is not like the normal dads out there. He has a unique life for a few reasons. First off, his 13 year old daughter Maddy has cerbral palsy. Secondly, Van Beek loves to run triathlons.

Now, when you first hear this you may be thinking something like “how is that unique? I know people who run triathlons.” Actually, what makes Van Beeks situation so unique is the fact that he has a partner when he runs the triathlon, his daughter!


Father Of The Year?

Van Beek says “I’ve never been disappointed what place I finish because I am doing it with my daughter.”

As for his daughter, Maddy loves to be outside hence the reason for racing. However, that doesn’t mean that her love of the outdoors can sometimes take a toll. Van Beek says that he has pulled out of races before if she isn’t feeling well or if it was too hot.

One can understand why a triathlon can be tough as it involves running, swimming and biking. Van Beek puts Maddy in the kayak during the swimming section, in a cart during the biking section and he pushes her in her wheelchair during the running portion.

According the the New York Daily News thus far “Team Maddy” has competed in over 75 races since 2008.

So, what do you think? Is Rick Van Beek the father of the year? We want to hear your thoughts in the comment section.