Sumo – The National Sport of Japan

Sumo, Japan’s national sport, is a Japanese style of wrestling in which the wrestlers try to get other competitors out of a circular ring.  Japan is the only country where this sport is practiced professionally. There are no complexities in Sumo’s rules. The wrestler who first touches the ground with anything but the soles of his feet is declared the loser and leaves the ring first.

Sumo is originated in ancient times and still there are many ancient traditions preserved in the fight.  There are many ritual elements included in the sport. Sumo is also considered as a modern Japanese Martial Art. The Grand Champion of Sumo Wrestling is called Yokozuna. An interesting rule for a Yokozuna is that he cannot lose his status so the athelete blessed with this honor will look to retire before his results begin to worsen. The salaries of Sumo ranges from 11,000 to 30,500 USD according to their records.

Sumo fights take place in a 4.55 meters in diameter and 16.26 meters in area ring, which is named as Dohyo. The ring consist of a platform made of a mixture of and and clay covered by rice-straw bales.

Sumu Wrestlers in their Ritual

Interesting facts about Sumo:

  • Sometimes, the referee or judges may award the win to wrestler who both appear to touch the ground it this only happens when both wrestlers touch the ground at nearly very same time. The losing wrestler is known as Shini-tai (Dead Body) in this mode of result.
  • Any wrestler using an illegal technique during the fight automatically loses.
  • Majority of the matches just take a few seconds to complete.
  • Before a match, both the wrestlers throws salt in the ring.  It is an old Sumo tradition.  Sounds familiar, does it not!


Image Credit: Edward Dalmulder

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