National Parks in United States Part – 1

A National Park is a specific area of Land not less than 1,000 hectares having a collection of different beautiful landscapes, wildlife, farms, mountains, lakes, rivers and villages that are owned by local authorities to keep their natural environment in original shape and not to disturb their Lifestyles. All those developments are prohibited that can spoil the natural beauty of National Parks.

These National Parks are being visited by students, researchers and other people under special conditions. There are about 6,555 National Parks round the world while United States has 58 of them. In this article, we’ll explore some national parks of United States.

Acadia National Park

Location: Maine

Declared as a National Park on February 26, 1919

Image credit: Flickr Ungaio

It covers about 47,748 acres of area having Cadillac Mountain, some stunning Islands,lakes, woodlands and a rocky shoreline in it. It is one of the oldest national parks in USA. It has about 338 species of birds and more than 110 vascular plant species. One of the most amazing places in this national park is Thunder Hole, it is a rock formation that produce a thunder like voice when waves come in and water shoots out of it.

Badlands National Park

Location: State of South Dakota

Declared as a National Park on November 10, 1978

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With 244,000 acres of area, Badlands is one of the wonderful national parks to visit. It contains
64,144 acres of the area that is called as wilderness area (land in its real state). The park has also been served as the site for the reintroduction of Black-footed ferret that is one of the most endangered animal in North America. It also contains fossils of many distinct animals specially from the era of about 30 million years ago.

Canyonlands National Park

Location: Utah

Declared as a National Park on December 18, 1971

Image credit: Flickr discopalace

It covers the area of about 337,598 acres which includes a colorful landscape having some amazing shaped rock formations and hundreds of canyons by the Colorado river and Green river. It is described as the most weird, wonderful, magical place on the earth by a famous author Edward Abbey.

Death Valley National Park

Location: California & Neveda

Declared as a National Park on October 31, 1994

Image credit: Flickr vtveen

One of the largest National Parks of US with area of 3,372,402 acres contains lots of valleys, canyons, mountains and sand dunes in it.  It is home to many amazing species of plants. Death Valley is also the driest, hottest and lowest place of United States. The highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley is 54C.

Everglades National Park

Location: Florida

Declared as a National Park on May 30, 1934

Image Credit: Flickr MiguelVieira

It is spread on 1,508,538 acres of area and has the largest ever wilderness at Mississippi River. It also has one of the largest mangrove ecosystem that is home to about 36 endangered and threatened species of animals and birds. Everglades National Park is visited by 1 million people every year.

In Today’s article, we explored 5 National Parks of United States which is a series of exploring all the National Parks in the world.
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