Noor Mahal of Bahalwalpur Pakistan

Noor Mahal Bahawalpur PakistanNoor Mahal of Bahawalpur cannot be related to Taj Mahal in any way but there is some little resemblance, as both the monuments were built in honor of wives.

The palace is one hundred and forty years old and was built by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan the Fourth for his wife Noor but she spend only one night in this awesome palace.
The exquisite palace meant to be residence of the Nawab and his family but legend says they spend only one night as they were cautioned against so because of the near proximity of a graveyard Basti Muluk Shah.

History of Noor Mahal Bahawalpur:

Although, there are different stories famous in Bahalwalpur district regarding the construction of Noor Mahal but among all, the famous legend is that Nawab of Bahawalpur Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV laid the foundation for constructing this palace in honor of his wife Noor.

The design of this building was curated by Mr. Hennan, who was an Englishman and a state engineer and construction began in 1872. It’s been said that while foundation was constructed a map and coin of the state were buried as good omen. It took three years to build this building and construction work was completed in 1875 at a cost of R.s 1.2 million.

Noor palace covers an area of 44,600 square feet, it’s a double storey building with a basement as well and contains 32 rooms having 14 in basement, 6 verandas and 5 domes.

Designer: Hennan
Construction Begins: 1872
Construction Completed: 1875
Cost: Rs. 1.2 Million
Area: 44,600 Sq Feet
Building: Double Storey
Rooms: 32
Verandas: 6
Domes: 5

Pictures of Noor Mahal Bahawalpur:

Noor Mahal Bahalwalpur

Noor Mahal Bahalwalpur


Noor Mahal at night

Noor Mahal at night


Noor Mahal Interior Pic

Image credit: Ahmad pk

Although Noor Mahal did not serve the purpose of being the living place for Nawab and family but rather it was used for occasional cabinet meetings and State Court for the Nawab’s address to his courtiers and later it was used as a state guest house and some of the guests name worth mentioning in here:

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  • JAN 11, 1890: His Highness Prince Albert Victor was there as a guest in Noor Mahal.
  • DEC 22, 1892: Sir McOrth Beck CCIS Senior Financial Commissioner of Punjab with family stayed at the palace for three days.


Also some other functions celebrated:

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  • MAY 11, 1897: The court was held on the 60th Birthday of the Queen Victoria.
  • FEB 9, 1933: A historical function was arranged because of the union of the Birtish Government and the Bahawalpur State.
  • MARCH 8, 1934: The Government of the State of Bahawalpur arranged a ten years jublie celebration in the lawn of Noor Mahal.


Worth mentioning the name of Nawab Bahawal Khan, who was the later ruler of the state of Bahawalpur for adding a Masjid to the palace in 1906.

The state of Bahalwapur was merged into Pakistan in 1956 and control of the palace was given to Auqaf under the Antiquities Act.Completed in AD 1875, later Pakistan army took responsibility of the palace in 1999 and help preserve the building to it’s original shape.
Currently Department of Archeology is responsible for the look after of the palace and they have opened it to general public, students and other delegates.

Video of Noor Mahal:


If you have further info, pictures, videos and other authentic materials related to Noor Mahal, please post it to us and we will include it in the post.


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