Body Tricks For Better Health

Spectacular BODY Tricks You can Use in a Pinch!  There is always those times when you have a bit of a little health ailment.  Maybe it is an itchy throat or you need to go to the restroom and there is not one to be found.  Or it could be a case of hiccups or brain freeze.  Ever wonder what you can do to combat these little health snafus?

Health Tricks


Passing It Forward – Random Acts of Kindness

There is a concept known as “Passing it Forward”.  It is essentially receiving an act of kindness and then at some point “passing it forward” to another.  It need not be the same act or the same thing, but the idea is you do on to others what they have done for you.  And over time an act of kindness is repeated from person to person, cascading throughout the landscape.  Like a domino effect, these acts of kindness can grow like a wave, splashing goodwill upon all those that come into contact with this behavior.

Image Credit: Flickr, EmbellishedMInds

Image Credit: Flickr, EmbellishedMInds