Quotes From John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy was known for his deep intellectual curiosity for a great many of things.  If there was ever a President that understood well the makings and solutions to crisis, it was JFK. Taking risks and being prepared to fail miserably was not something John F. Kennedy was unfamiliar with.  Danger and Opportunity were also two hallmarks of his presidency and one need not provide a lengthy history lesson to understand this very clear and evident truth.

Kennedy Quote


What Eye Color May Say About You

All of us are unique in so many ways and that is also the case when it comes to our eye color.  Each of us have a unique color associated with the pigmentation of our eyes.  Said to be the windows into our soul, our eye color is one of the first things people will often notice and remember about us, sometimes in a very direct and conscious way, and other times on a subconscious level.  So what does your eye color say about you?  Well it depends on a number of factors, but there has been put forth a general view of what eye color might reveal about you.  Let us explore some popular notions.

Eye Colors