PSR J1719-1438 b, The Planet made of Diamond

Imagine, you are living in such a planet where you find diamond everywhere. Instead of common rock materials, all the mountains are made up of diamond. You think the author is not in senses? but yes, scientists have found such planet in the universe that is completely made of the diamond.

A diamond planet, commonly known as a Carbon planet or Carbide planet, was first theoretically proposed by Marc Kuchner, an American astrophysicist at NASA. Like carbon planets, he also worked on ocean planets and Helium planets and made some storng observations.

What is the phenomenon behind Diamond planet:

This amazing planet is made up of dead stars orbitting around a pulsar. Pulsars are also made up of dead neutron stars of about 20 kilometers in diameter, highly magnetized and rotating very fastly. They also emits high beam of radiation. There is a large amount of carbon on such planets and oxygen may also be found there while most of the planets are usually made up of silicon-oxygen compounds. They are very much close to a pulsar rotates more than 10,000 times per minute. Their density is much high because of which it is believed that the carbon must be crystalline and there is a vast amount of diamonds on the planet.

The Only Discovered Diamond Planet:

PSR J1719-1438 b, a planet discovered on 25th August 2011, lying about 4000 light years away of our earth could possibly be diamond planet. According to the examinations the planet’s mass is about five to fifteen times greater than the earth. The planet could have more than 50% of diamond that exist in our galaxy. This planet may also have volcanoes, and during eruptions they may release diamond instead of Lava.

A documentary visually explaining the Diamond Planet.



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Image credit: Blue Fire NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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