Rattenberg, the Town with no Sunlight

What is the importance of sunlight in our Life? Can you guess, what would happened to us and this world if there was no sunlight?.
I don’t think one could ever imagine living without sun light but in our beautiful world, there are still places where sun shows up very rare and today we will take you to a small and beautiful town, which receives almost no sunlight in a specific period during winter season.
Let us tell you in a bit detail.


Rattenberg Austria

Real Name:
Rattenberg, After found in 1393 AD, it was known as Upper Bavarian Town till 1504 AD.

Glass Town, because this town is famous for glass making and lots of crystal glass shops can be found here.

A town with 110 square meters and about 400 inhabitants in Austria, near Rattenberg Mountain (also known as Rat Mountain) on the bank of Inn River(a river in Switzerland, Austria and Germany). It is the smallest town in Austria.


Amazing facts about Rattenberg:


  • The distance of Rattenberg is too much from Arctic Circle (one of the major five circles of latitude), and this circle has a time of permanent darkness.

image credit: flickr Houbazur Andrew_D_Hurleydarkness.

  • The town was built in Rattenberg Mountain’s Shadow to protect itself of bandits and raiders.
  • The town is surrounded by many other regions in Alps (One of the greatest mountain range systems of Europe) because of which there is very less sunlight there.

So in 2005, The local companies decided to install about 15 large mirrors to reflect sunlight to the town in these specific dark days but this plan was later delayed due to unknown reasons.

Rattenberg is also famous for its glass making industry and lovely glass shops. A variety of crystal glass items attracts tourists and locals towards itself. Some other places of interest are Augustine Museum and a Handicraft Museum.

Anyone from Rattenberg or anyone ever been to Rattenberg is warmly welcome to share their knowledge and experience about this amazing town.


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