Relationship Wisdom – Men From Mars & Women From Venus?

Amazing things happen around us all of the time and often we cannot begin to explain how it came to be.    One of the most amazing things of all is how men and women interact and come to know the other’s thoughts and feelings.  Some say that our biggest challenge is coming to understand our partner.  For men who do not have a clue about women’s feelings, one good place to start is to realize big things come can from small acts.  Less is more, so goes the thinking.

Relationships Between Men and Women


Image Credit, Flickr

Image Credit, Flickr

Others proclaim that men are from Mars and Women from Venus and the two bodies in motion will always struggle to connect as they are from entirely different places.  Psychologists have declared that there are clear, distinct and different ways in which the two sexes communicate about their values and vulnerabilities.   Men are presumably more self critical and absorbed about work, while women are more invested in relationship problems. A 2000 Study published in Cognitive Psychotherapy argued that many of these notions are wrong and that concerns and anxieties about not be loved or experiencing a failure in the workplace are relatively universal human concerns.  Nevertheless, a lot of wrong ideas are presented from many fronts and as a result the general public has been duped into believing in the stereotypes.  Both men and women can get exceptionally upset about being rejected or disrespected or made to feel alone or abandoned.  Sometimes the feelings emerge in different ways, but that does not diminish the intensity and reality that both experience similar behaviors.  Men and women also recover and get better at about the same rate and for similar reasons.

In closing, the empirical data indeed supports that both men and woman emerged and evolved on the same planet…earth!








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