Snail can sleep for 3 years

A Snail is a very small animal mostly found in garden and fresh water. As kids and maybe even now, we all have played with them  and explored their unusual characteristics.  Not only are they unusual looking, almost out of this world, but they are also a fixture in our language (e.g. “a snail’s pace”).  The size of the snail is only few inches, though it varies from snail to snail and with the many types found throughout the world, you can find some that are as large as 4 t o5 inches. These creatures have been around a lot longer than we have, coming into existence as we know them now almost 600 years ago. Snails have four tentacles, two are large and the other two are small.  Strange they are as their eyes are on the large tentacles and their smell receptors arre found on their small tentacles.

They doesn’t require large amount of food and have a redula in its mouth which look like tongues.  OK, that was a select fact you probably did not want to hear much about, but it is true! Their normal foods include mainly plants and fruits and their life span is far longer than you would have every imagined.  The average life of snail is 15 years but in rare cases they can live up to 25 years.  So these guys are very hard, industrious, and persistent.

The information I provided to you may seem fairly pedestrian, but the most shocking and  interesting thing about this tiny creature is that snail can sleep  for three years and you must be astonished to know that a regular nap or sleep of a snail is one week 🙂

image credit: chetan jawale

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