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Mr. Bean – The greatest comedian of current era


Mr. bean

Image credit: Flickr Jack Pearce


Name: Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Born: 6th January 1955 in England

Profession: Actor, writer and comedian

Famous for: Mr. Bean, Johnny English, Blackadder, and Not the Nine O’Clock News

The character that has been named Mr. Bean is Rowan Atkinson – an English comedian of all time. He was the writer and main character in the release of fourteen episodes with different titles, but with the same main character, Mr. Bean. Each of the fourteen episodes lasted for twenty five minutes and most unique titles carried the name Mr. Bean. Although he wrote most of them, the writing of those episodes was done by two other people who have worked closely with him. He has been featured in many live performances and has continued to be a household star in the world of comedy around the globe. The episodes that he released included ‘Good night Mr. Bean’, ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Bean,’ ‘The trouble with Mr. Bean’ and many more with their unique titles.

One interesting fact about the work of Rowan Atkinson or the main character Mr. Bean in the comedic episodes is that in the majority of them he either completely avoids talking or does not talk too much. This is also reflected in the cartoons that have been produced under the main character Mr. Bean. But while refraining from talking, he spends his focus on a lot of action that is very hilarious. When the cartoon was released, it was expected that almost the same 14 episodes were going to be featured, but that never happened. Instead he created fresh stories that were fitted to the cartoons nicely.

His success in acting did not just end with those episodes and the cartoons. But he also featured in a movie portraying an English detective who captures the notorious criminal and an ex-convict Pascal. In this movie, he breaks his tradition of avoiding too much talk as he continues talking around freely and creating a series of hilarious scenes along the way. During the official opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012, he was featured discreetly dressed like one of the musicians and he ended up performing a unique style of comedy which took the audience by surprise.