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11 Odd and Weird Town and City Names in USA

Accident, Why, Eighty-Eight, Ii, Ding Dong, Dinosaur and Hell. If you think the writer is not in senses you are wrong. Actually these are the names of towns and cities around the world which we gathered in our older posts i.e weird town names in America and Weird Town Names in England.

In this post, once again we have compiled a list of 11 odd and weird names of towns and cities in United States.


1- Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania

Bird in Hand Pennsylvania

Image credit: Flickr dougtone

2- Pine Apple, Alabama

Pine Apple Alabama

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

3- Needles, California

Needles California

Image credit: Flickr Ken Lund

4- Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Hot Coffee Mississippi

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

5- Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

Spread Eagle wisconsin

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

6- Lower Peach Tree, Alabama

Lower Peach Tree Alabama

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

7- Rugby, North Dakota

Rugby North Dakota

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

8- White Woman Creek, Kansas

White Woman Creek

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

9- Mona, Iowa

Mona Iowa

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

10- Little America, Wyoming

Little America Wyoming

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

11- Valentine, Nebraska

Valentine Nebraska

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

There are many other cities and towns round the world with weird names but we couldn’t find any image for them. If you know or live in any of the cities or towns with odd names, do share their names and images with us and will put them in another post.


The Strangest Names of Towns in the World

In one of our recent articles we told you about the town with the longest name located in New Zealand and one of the weirdest names of a town in USA which  was Ding Dong. Today we are going to introduce to more of the strangest names for a town or city anywhere in the world.

No Name:

No name

Image credit: Flickr Giant Ginkgo

Can you believe this? Yes it is the name of a place in Colorado, USA. This name was given after a census because there was no name (means it was nameless) of this place, but after the census it became famous and took on the name, No Name.

Come By Chance:

Come By Chance is a town in Newfoundland Canada with a population of just 265. It is famous for the Newfoundland’s only oil refinery with the capacity of 115,000 barrels per day.


Another lovely name of a town in Newfoundland, Canada. It is one of the oldest towns in Canada with almost 400 years of history. It was the first British Colony in Canada.


It is a small town in the Maryland state of USA with a population of less than 1000. It is a very beautiful place with a peaceful and calm environment. The people from Accident are called “Accidental“.


Ii, it may be the shortest name of a place in the world. It is a municipality in Finland situated on the Bothnian Bay. There is nothing special in this municipality but the name.


A city in Arizona, USA with a surprising name. It was founded by Flora Mae Staler in 1938 and it is one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona.


Zigzag is a community in Oregon, USA located within the Mount Hood Corridor. It was founded by Pioneer Joel Palmer in 1845 who crossed a nearby Zig Zag River to reach this community and named it as Zig Zag.


It is one of the longest names of a place around the world having 51 letters in it. It is situated in Wales. This name is sometimes shortened as Llanfair by the locals for their ease.




There are hundreds of weird and amazing names of the places around the world. Some of them are Okay, Why, Love Ladies, Uncle Sam, Deadman Crossing, Ochiichagwebabigoining (Try to pronounce and then tell us what you come up with.), My Large Intestine, Bird in Hand. If any of you live in these cities/towns or think that their city/town has a more amazing name, please share it with us.

Image Credit: Steve.r diluvienne