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Electric Eel, the Fish that generates Electric Current

Electric Eel, is the only species of fish that generate powerful electric shocks for self-defense and hunting purposes. It is also known as electric fish and can generate up to six hundred and fifty volts of electric current.
In fact, they are not eels but knife fish, knife fish are those who can produce electric fields for communication and navigation. They look like a snake and live up to 15 years.

The electric eel can produce less amount of current range from 5 to 10 Volts as well as high voltages can be produced depends upon eel’s size. Larger eels can produce up 450 to 650 volts of electric current.

Where they found:

They can be found in streams and ponds of Amazon and Orinoco rivers of South America.

How they produce electric current:

The size of the eels can grow up to 2 meters in length having round body and about 20 KG in weight and nearly 4/5 of their body is tail.
Their tails consists of the organs that produce electric current. Hundreds of thousands of the electric discs in the tail help them to generate low and high voltages of current. These organs work like a battery with the help of these organs eel produce different voltages of current depends upon the condition whether they are defending them or going to stun their prey. The electric current that is produced by Eels can be deadly for humans and even a horse can be knocked by their current.

Amazing facts about Eel’s:

  • They can also travel on land for short distances depends upon the conditions.
  • They can swim in both directions i-e forward and backward.
  • They are among some animals at the planet that can generate and store electric power like the batteries.



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Rajmohan Nair – The Electricity Man

rajmohan nair Our world is full of strange and amazing people and we endeavor to  unleash all those weird characters and bring them to your attention.

Rajmohan Nair of India is one of them. He has the ability to conduct high voltage of electric power from his body without any harm to his body.

For a common man, 1 ampere of electric current is too much and it can lead a human to death. But amazingly Rajmohan has the ability to conduct 10 ampere of Electric current without harming his body. This means his body resists 10 times more electricity than a normal human.

Rajmohan folds open wire to his naked body and connects a light bulb, iron plate and other electronic devices and turn the power on. All the electronic equipment worked perfectly and Raj felt no harm due to electric current. This has been witnessed by thousands of people and the below video will amazed you too.



[box type=”warning”] Rajmohan nair, the electric man, is one of the few people who has extra-ordinary power therefore, he can evidently pull off and perform such a stunt. All of our readers are requested to not to try this because your Life is very precious.[/box]