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Flying fish, one of the most amazing fishes

In one of our older posts, we wrote about Electric Eel, the fish that generates electric current. Today, we are going to write a post on the flying fish, the fish that can fly like birds over the water.

flying fish

Image credit: Flickr cotinis

From the name of this fish it is very easy to note the main feature that makes it completely unique. This fish is able to fly out of the water and go to another place. This is the mechanism that is used in order to run away from vicious predators.

How they fly

In order to accomplish this, the fish has fins which are shaped like the wings of a bird. At the beginning of the flight, this fish wags its tail up to seventy times per second in order to help it come out of the water. Then it also lifts its wings upwards in readiness for the flight. Once it is out of the water it now flaps its wings to lead the rest of the way. When it is ready to dive back into the water it just folds its wings and the mission is accomplished. But in some cases, it might decode to change its course. This is usually done by lowering the tail in the water and moving it in line with the kind of motion to be achieved.

Where they found

The flying fish is not found in any rivers around the globe. Actually it is found in the oceans. But it usually prefers areas that have warmer waters around the oceans. History has it that the Barbados was termed as the land of the flying fish. Therefore, even today, this fish can still be found around there. But later on, this fish migrated for some reason. Therefore at the moment, it is found in the waters around Venezuela and the other surrounding areas. Interestingly, Barbados has taken advantage of the presence of this fish in its waters by making thorough use of it. Thus is has naturally been depicted as a symbol of national pride. On some coins other national engravings and paintings, this fish has been drawn with its wings. This fish has thus even been used thoroughly in the tourism industry.


amazing aquarium fishes and some rare facts that you should know

How many of you love nature? How many of you love colorful fishes? How many of you have an aquarium fishes in their homes and office? If you have, and you have the craze to know about more amazing species of fishes, than this post is not only for you but all those who love to know about new and amazing things, facts, species and incidents.

If you are not new on this website, you better check a previous post about a fish that can bark as well, Swell Shark, a fish that can bark like a dog. Today we are going to explore some other stunning species of Fishes. Here we go.

Japan Surgeon Fish:

Japan Surgeon Fish and aquarium fish

Image credit: Flickr Chantal Wagner

Japan surgeon fish or Acanthurus japonicus belongs to the Tang family of fish. They are mostly found in Indo-West Pacific Ocean (Indonesia to Philippines). Their amazing color formation make them different from many other species of fish. They are one of the ideal fishes that can be kept in aquariums.

Four-eyed Fish:

Four eyed an aquarium fish

Image credit: Ben Terrett

Four-eyed Fish is an amazing species of Fish that sees below and above the water at same time. In fact, these four-eyed fishes have just two eyes but they are positioned on the top of head in such a way that they can see below and above the water while floating at the surface of water with their lower half of eye under-water. They are found in Mexico and Honduras along with northern South America.

Red Sea Sailfin Tang:

Red Sea Sailfin Tang an aquarium fish

Image cresit: Flickr TGIGreeny

Red Sea Sailfin Tang or Zebrasoma desjardinii is another amazing species of fish that is found in Indian Ocean, mainly in South Africa, India and Java. Their amazing color along with stripes and spots make them more attractive. They can easily be kept in Aquariums.

Blue Rock Fish:

Blue Rock an aquarium bottle fish

Image credit: Flickr NOAA Photo Library

The Blue Rock fish belongs to the family of Scorpion fish and is found in Pacific Ocean. They has an oval body with bluish black in color with grayish shades. A single Blue Rock fish lay about 500,000 eggs on yearly basis. They are also being fished for commercial purposes and is one of the major fishes of live fish market. There are many other species of their family found in the oceans worldwide e-g Gopher Rock fish, Starry Rock fish, Yellowtail Rock fish, Vermillion Rock fish etc.

Banggai Cardinal Fish:

Banggai Cardinal an aquarium bottle fish

Image credit: Flcikr Noodlefish

Banggai Cardinal fish is the most beautiful fish among all those discussed today and its beauty has become its enemy. They are one of the endangered species of fish because they are of those fishes that are captured wildly. They are found in Banggai Islands of Indonesia with a very small population size. Their unique formation and beautiful colors make them different of all other species of cardinal fish.

So guys, how many of you have at least one of these fishes in your aquariums? We would also like to know about other fishes you have in your aquarium.