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What is a heart attack and how to avoid it

Heart attack

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Heart attack is one of the major reasons of death nowadays. What is a heart attack? How it occurs? How can we get rid of it? There are many other questions which we tried to answer in this post.

What is a Heart Attack?

A heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygen to a certain part of the heart is blocked; this is normally just a heart muscle. Since the oxygen is transferred through the blood, it means that the flow of blood to that part has been blocked by a clot which could be positioned in the veins.

heart attack

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In most cases, heart attacks can be identified by plain symptoms like short of breath and chest pains. In some cases, the pain could be very severe on the left arm or the upper part of the stomach. This is different from the usual abdominal pains that may be a result of some problem in the stomach as it is highly discomforting and painful.

What to do in case of a heart attack?

When symptoms of a heart attack are observed, it is better to take swift action to save a life. In most cases, the problem easily leads to death because of delayed action. But as soon as it has been suspected there are two modes of treatment that can be taken. The first of the two involves introducing a drug that can dissolve the clot responsible for the blockage so that blood can continue flowing through the affected vein and deliver the oxygen to the heart muscle in question. But in the other method, a specialist doctor or heart surgeon can be called in to enlarge the cross sectional area of the vein to allow more fluid to flow so that the oxygen can reach the affected heart muscle.

How to avoid Heart Attack?

In order to prevent heart attacks there are several steps that can be taken. The first one involves looking at the kind of food you take. The food should have less fat but rich in leafy material and fiber. It is also encouraged that you avoid smoking and take regular exercise. Alcohol should also be avoided to reduce the risks of heart attacks. In the end, you need to make sure that you maintain your weight and you continue going for checkups so that you maintain a healthy heart all the time.


The first and only living man without heart

craig lewis the heartless manAlthough every part of our body is important but there are many organs which are vital for human Life too, and Heart is one of them. The function of heart is to pump all the blood along with Oxygen to every single part of the body.
No heart or a dead heart in body means there is no Life remaining in the body but Mr. Craig Lewis of USA amazingly living without his Heart but an artificial heart. This artificial heart has no pulse but it is pumping blood like the real heart do.

What really happened:

Mr. Craig Lewis, a 55 year old man from USA faced a medical problem with his heart that was building abnormal proteins and he was about to die soon. He had just 12 hour left in his life and even no pacemaker could work in his body to let his heart function properly and save his life but two doctors from Texas accepted the challenge to save his life.

Who are the Doctors:

Dr. Oscar Howard Frazier Jr. the director of Cardiovascular Surgery Research at the Texas Heart Institute with a 25 years of experience. He has performed some 1,100 heart transplants as well as he implanted about 700 left ventricular assist device (no other surgeon in the world has reached this figure yet). His precious and dedicated work has bring the Texas Heart Institute on top of the list with some other transplantation support programs in the world.

Dr. Billy CohenDr. Billy Cohen, the cardiothoracic Surgeon and the Director of Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology at the Texas Heart Institute with the experience of about 13 years. He has patented about 30 medical devices and many of them are now being used in heart surgeries around the world.




How they did it:

Both of these doctors had already developed such device that pumps the blood like a real heart and can replace the heart in severe medical conditions and they installed and tested it on about 50 calves after removing their hearts which was successful. On the very next day of the calves’ surgeries, these animals were doing everything without their pumping heart just like they were doing it with their natural heart.

In March 2011, after reviewing Mr. Lewis case they proposed the same solution for him and after taking permission from his wife Linda they installed this device in his chest and the next day Mr. Lewis was fine and shine.
The device started circulating blood in his body and he was able to speak to his doctors on next day of his surgery. Now, he no longer has pulse and no one can listen his heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Let us wait and see for more such revolutionary devices and surgeries that will change the world.