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What happened in Year 2012 – A short review

year 2012

Image credit: Flickr Matti Mattila

2012 was not just a year but a collection of 366 days. For many Nations and people it was not a good year but on other it was a fruitful and wonderful year for many others. This post is dedicated to the year 2012, and we’ll try to highlight all the good events and incidents as well us some bad incidents and events too.

Year 2012 in highlights

January 19th: was a bad day for megaupload.com when it was shut down by FBI for copyright allegations.

February 11th: American singer and actress Whitney Houston found dead in a hotel room.

Vladimir Putin

Image credit: Flickr World Economic Forum

March 2nd: Vladimir Putin re-elected as Russian president.

March 16th: A memorable day for Indian cricketer Sachin R. Tendulkar when he knocked his 100th Century in International cricket.

May 6th: Francois Hollande elected President of France.

May 13th: The day when Manchester City won the English Premier league for the very first time.

June 6th: Transit of Venus occurs between Earth and Sun. Next Transit of Venus is predicted to occur in 2117.

June 24th: Mohamed Morsi became the President of Egypt

July 5th: The tallest building in Europe, The Shard (309.6 meters) opened.

July 11th: The fifth moon of Pluto is discovered and named S/2012 P 1.

July 22nd: Pranab Mukherjee elected as President of India

July 25th to August 12th: Summer Olympics 2012 held in London, England. United States stood first on medal table with 46 Gold Medals and a total of 104 medals.

August 25th: Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon dies.

September 12th: A good day for Apple’s fans when Apple unveiled its iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

September 13th: Dr Mustafa Abushagur is elected as Prime Minister of Libya.

October 4th: The Godfather of Formula One, Michael Schumacher retires.

Hurricane Sandy

Image credit: Flickr Brian Birke

October 24th to 30th: Hurricane Sandy, one of the deadliest Hurricanes in US history, claimed 209 lives in Bahamas, Canada, Caribbean and United States. The total damage costs more then $71 Million.

November 5th: Barrack Hussain Obama elected as US president for the second term.

December 21st: The Mayan prediction stood false and the world did not end.

If anyone of you think that we did not mentioned any event or incident which effected the world, please do inform us through comments.