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World’s Oldest computer in Japan still working

World's oldest computer in Japan

image credit: japan museum

Fujitsu, a very famous company of the world (Known as Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation) at that time, develop the first commercial relay-based computer in 1956.

This machine is currently placed in Ikeda Memorial Hall, Numazu Factory of Fujitsu and is believed to be world’s oldest computer in working condition.

This computer which was an enhanced form of the original FACOM 100 and is named FACOM 128B, and was developed in 1958 while still operational.

The computer have been went through several updates and upgrades to increase its capacity and speed and therefore it was considered highly reliable. The computer was not only used by Universities but was shipped to other industries for commercial purposes.

Astonishingly, this computer occupies 700 feet of floor space and has less power than a calculator. Fujitsu mission is to keep it operational till 2016 so that it completes it’s 60th birthday..


Streets in Japan Have No Names

Our world is full of wonderful and amazing things. The more you explore the more you find weird and bizarre facts, figures and marvels whether its by nature or man-made.

Have you ever searched for a friend’s or someone home but didn’t had the exact address?  How did it feel.  I know painful, isn’t it.

But before you proceed and continue to read, Let me ask you a question upfront.

Q: Let’s suppose you have the address of your friend or some place you need to visit but the streets have no names? You must be wondering how on earth is someone going to find a place where the streets are nameless.

If you want to master this art of finding homes where streets have no names, then look no where else other than visiting Japan. Yes, now you know.  In Japan they employ an advanced addressing system which does not make use of a name.

Japan Address System

Japanese addressing system is a collection of wonders. Japanese addresses are totally opposite as compared to other countries addresses. It begins with the largest unit first and than gradually comes to the smallest.

For example, in many countries the address are like House # 123, XYZ street, ABC town, LMN City and so on.  But in Japan, the addressing system is totally opposite. With Japanese addresses you’ll find the largest division first then city, municipality area and street.

Although there are some areas where streets have names, in most areas there are no street names.  Another amazing aspect in Japan’s addressing system is that you may find totally different systems in different cities. Most famous of all the systems is block system. In block system the addresses are written in numbers, like 23-6, means Block 23, building 6.

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