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11 Odd and Weird Town and City Names in USA

Accident, Why, Eighty-Eight, Ii, Ding Dong, Dinosaur and Hell. If you think the writer is not in senses you are wrong. Actually these are the names of towns and cities around the world which we gathered in our older posts i.e weird town names in America and Weird Town Names in England.

In this post, once again we have compiled a list of 11 odd and weird names of towns and cities in United States.


1- Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania

Bird in Hand Pennsylvania

Image credit: Flickr dougtone

2- Pine Apple, Alabama

Pine Apple Alabama

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

3- Needles, California

Needles California

Image credit: Flickr Ken Lund

4- Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Hot Coffee Mississippi

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

5- Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

Spread Eagle wisconsin

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

6- Lower Peach Tree, Alabama

Lower Peach Tree Alabama

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

7- Rugby, North Dakota

Rugby North Dakota

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

8- White Woman Creek, Kansas

White Woman Creek

Image credit: Flickr Jimmywayne

9- Mona, Iowa

Mona Iowa

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

10- Little America, Wyoming

Little America Wyoming

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

11- Valentine, Nebraska

Valentine Nebraska

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

There are many other cities and towns round the world with weird names but we couldn’t find any image for them. If you know or live in any of the cities or towns with odd names, do share their names and images with us and will put them in another post.


16 weird town names in America

What if you are living in United States of America and some one inquire you about your town name and you reply Nothing or  Why.
I know you must be laughing but there are some very weird town names in America, and today we are going to explore 16 of them.

If you are living in any of those towns, you should be proud of yourself and better write some thing about your town in the comments below. In this article, we will post the pictures of each town and in our up coming posts, we will explore some of the facts behind these weird town names, so stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

 No 16: Accident (Maryland)

No 15: Why (Arizona)

No 14: Why Not (Mississippi)

No 13: Boring (Oregon)

boring oregon

Image credit: Flickr kylezoa

No 12: Eighty-Eight Kentucky

eighty-eight kentucky

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

 No 11: Cool (California)

cool california

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne

No 10: Waterproof (Louisiana)

Waterproof Louisiana

Image credit: Flickr Ken Lund

No 9: Humans Ville (Missouri)

Humansville missouri

Image credit: Flickr Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist

No 8: Intercourse (Pennsylvania)

intercourse pennsylvania

Image credit: Flickr dougtone

 No 7: Dinosaur (Colorado)

Dinosaur Colorado

J. Stephen Conn

No 6: Hell (Michigan)

Hell Michigan

Image credit: Flickr Danielle Walquist Lynch

No 5: No Name (Colorado)

No Name Colorado

Image credit: Flickr Giant Ginkgo

 No 4: Sleepy Eye (Minnesota)

sleepy eye minnesota

Image credit: Flickr J. Stephen Conn

No 3: Peculiar (Missouri)

Peculiar Missouri

Image credit: Flickr Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist

No 2: Ho-ho Kus (New Jersey)

Ho-ho Kus New Jersey

Image credit: Flickr Friscocali

 No 1: Left Hand (West Virginia)

Left Hand West Virginia

Image credit: Flickr jimmywayne


We hope you like information and we will bring more in future and if you believe your town has one of the weirdest name that we should know, please do let us know and we will publish the information here.

Now it’s your turn:

To tell us what town name you like and why and if you like this post, please share it with your friends, family, relatives and with the world.

* Regarding the pictures, we were unable to seek the source, if you know are or know the source, please let us know. Also if you have taken pictures of these places, please share it with us and we will replace these pictures with yours one.