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Medal Table – 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London

London Olympic Medals

London Olympics 2012 has been started. We have talked much in our previous posts about previous Olympic Games as well as London Olympics. This post is dedicated to the Players and Teams that are going to win medals for their countries. We’ll keep updating this post on daily basis.




Summer Olympics 2012 Medal Table



List of Countries hosting Olympic Games Since 1896

list of countries hosting Olympics Games

Image credit: Flickr Paul-W

In our previous post about Summer Olympics London 2012, we wrote a short preview of Olympic Games.
In this post we are presenting a short summary of all the Summer Olympic games played ever with the list of Countries hosting Olympic Games and also the city where the event held in a tabular format.

Surely,  this post will help those who are collecting the data about Olympic Games. We have tried to bring the authentic information but if you find any errors or anomaly, please let us know.

To check 2012 Olympics Medal Table, click here.


United States clearly can be seen as the country dominating the world of Olympic Games since its existence and in fact is the leading country on the first ever Olympic Games held in 1896.

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