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Ding Dong

Ding DongDing Dong….isn’t it a very interesting and weird name. I know most of you may think of this as a sweet chocolote treat, or some Chinese noodles or maybe some of you will be relating it to Bells and Music. But Ding Dong is not always what you may think and in this case it’s the name of a small town.

In the United States there are many amazing sites and places, with Ding Dong being  one of them. So let’s take a virtual tour of this small town.

It is situated on Lampasas River in Bell County of Central Texas, USA.

How it named:
It is often said that Ding Dong got its named because it is located in Bell County but that is not the whole story.

In 1930, the two Bells, Zulis Bell and his nephew Bert Bell, who were two early settlers in the Town, hired a painter to design a sign for their new business. In this sign, he made two bells and wrote “Ding” under one bell and “Dong” under the other one. Because of this sign, the town became quite famous in its own way and is officially called  Ding Dong.

If you live in Ding Dong or have any worthy information about it please share it with us.


Now it’s your time to share with us:

How weird is the name of your city or town?
What is the weirdest name of a place you have ever heard?

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Yakutsk – A Place Where You Can be Frozen in Seconds

You think your winters are colder?  Perhaps you are feeling some cold right now with  temperatures of -10C (14F).  That is pretty chilly!  As a hiker, that definitely gets my attention.  But just imagine yourself at a place where the weather is -50C which is equivalent to -58 F.  Yakutsk, the capital city of Sakha Republic in Russia has the honor of having the lowest temperature in the world with highest numbers of inhabitants.
The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk is -64.4C. which equates to -83 F.  Yikes, you have to wonder what those poor folks are thinking when they decide to reside in this place. There are some other places here on earth where temperatures can get lower than Yakutsk but they either have substantiallly few number of inhabitants or there are no inhabitants living there at all.

Yakutsk Discovery:

Yakutsk was found in 1632 by Pyotr Beketov. Administratively Yakutsk is incorporated as “Yakutsk City of Republic Significance”. Due to its mineral reserves, it is also known as the City of Gold and Diamonds.  So now you see the allure!

Why people moving to Yakutsk rather than leaving:

The reason of people moving in to Yakutsk is not because of its freezing temperature but its resources. The discovery of large reserves of gold, diamonds, gas, petrol and other minerals in 1880’s and 1890’s make this freezing place famous.

What other things are amazing about Yakutsk:

  • If you are not dressed properly, you can be frozen with in seconds.
  • At -45C and you will be warned not to wear glasses,because it can stick to your cheeks and will tear off your flesh on removing them.
  • -40C is considered cold. Yes, you heard me just cold and not very cold. To the inhabitants of this city, temperature is a relative thing in which them measure by a different scale than we do (i.e. life and death).
  • When some one throw water out of a glass, it changes into ice within a couple of seconds producing a small blast.


If you are living in Yakutsk or its suburbs, you may know more interesting and amazing things about this lovely and strange place, so please share it with us as we would love to hear from the hardiest people on the planet.

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