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Naarden or Venice, which one is more beautiful?

Naarden, Netherlands

naarden city netherlands

Image credit: Flickr: johan wieland

Naarden city is one of the few with stunning architectural structures, restaurants and great shops. The city is peaceful and a quite one for any retreat. Among the most attractive things that make it attractive are the great museums, shops and many others. The city is served with a world class airport.

One of the architectural beauties of this city is the Utrechtse gate which leads to the fortress. The building is historical and boasts of ancient architectural designs that were the best during that time. The other monumental building in this city is Grootarsenaal which used to perform military functions. The Czech bishop Jan Amos Komensky who had never visited Naarden was finally laid to rest in Comenius mausoleum making it one of the attractions of the city.
The Spanish house constructed on the spot where the chapel belonging to the hospital where the 1572 massacre of the Naarden started is a center of attraction.  The remains of this chapel was later own converted in to a weighing house. Naarden city houses the Grote Kerk which was previously referred to as St Vitus, this is a symbolic church that was constructed in the 15th century. The church has painted wooden which are unique and a tourist attraction site.

Venice, Italy

venice, italy

Image credit: Flickr shapour bahrami

The city of Venice is known for its beautiful and attractive architecture as well as engineering activities is highly ranked. The city was dominated with churches built of marbles. The city is well known for the music and fashion. It is the world’s best known artistic master pieces. Contemporary art is not new in this city and there are new show rooms and galleries. The city remains famous and a cheap tourist attraction center with a well planned transport system. The city is always busy with the afternoon traffic beautifying it and giving way to an entertaining city at night.

Among the things that pull crowd in this city includes state of the art architectural structures, music, dance halls and film, festival and masked ball. Perhaps when compared to Naarden, Venice is considered the most beautiful city because it is an all round city with modern facilities.

So what do you guys think, which one is  more beautiful?


Ansoo lake – A view of paradise on the earth

ansoo lakeAnsoo Lake is located in Pakistan and is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes around the globe. It is a lake with an amazing feature of being located at a very high attitude of 4245 above sea level. But the most amazing fact about this lake is that it is located on top of the Himalayan range. Thus it is little wonder that it has continued attracting many tourists from different parts of the world.  Though Pakistan has been able to boast about this awesome provision of nature, it is interesting to note that this is not a lake that can easily be located like any other lake around the globe.

Upon getting to a village that is located closest to the lake it can take up to seven hours of walking before finally reaching the its location. But this is mainly due to the fact that it is located in a mountainous area where there are no forms of human habitation to this day. Therefore, in order to locate it, there are tour guides who normally take tourists to this place. Some people can hire horses to make the trip more manageable but its been estimated that even if this is done, one will still have to walk up to 30 to 35 percent of the remaining distance.

Ansoo lake in winter

Image credit: Flickr Farooq (Extremely busy )

The name Ansoo is taken from a word which is translated in English as teardrop. This is one description that fits the shape of that lake when viewed from a closer range or from and aerial view. But another look at the shape of the lake reveals that it can also be liked to the drawing of eyebrows around an eye. Whatever the case, many people earth-wide have continued taking interest in coming to know about this amazing and beautiful lake.