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Thomas Edison, the great inventor of all times

Image credit: Flickr Cea.

Thomas Alva Edison was one of the great inventors of all times. Many people remember him for the invention of light bulb but he holds the credit to register 2,332 Patents worldwide. 1,093 of them were approved in USA and many of his patents were an improved version of some old inventions.

We can find his inventions in many places and there are many advanced inventions that are based on his ideas. He invented not only the light bulb but also a Phonograph, Motion Picture camera, a mechanical vote recorder and much much more.

Edison was not a good student but he loved to do new experiments. At the age of 10, he built his first
lab to perform his experiments.

An amazing incident of Edison’s childhood when he let his home maid about to die but she luckily saved. He used to think that birds eat the insects so the power of these insects make them fly. So, once he gathered these insects and blended them to make their juice, he then let his maid to drink this juice. After drinking this mixture of insects the maid became unconscious but luckily saved.

His another achievement is the light bulb, he made approximately 3,000 attempts to make a long lasting light bulb. Although light bulb was not his invention but he was the one and only to make such a successful light bulb.

Although he has registered 2,332 patents, but let us tell you about some of his top inventions.

Image credit: Flickr phonogalerie.com

  • Electric Telegraphs
  • Telegraph-Signal Boxes
  • Stencil Pens (Old shape of a Tattoo Machine)
  • Electric Lamp
  • Webermeter
  • Dynamo-Electric Machine
  • Phonograph
  • Alkaline Battery



This list will end after 2,332 registered patents of Thomas Edison but the advantages we are taking from his patents shall never end.


The Glass Beach of California

Imagine, you are walking through a beach where there is no sand but glass. If you really want to experience this walk you have to visit California where you can find a beach with an epic number of polished pieces of glass.

The glass beach, one of the unique and beautiful beaches around the world, is located near Fort Bragg, California. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in California. Unlike its colorful beauty, the story behind the formation of this glass beach is not so beautiful.

How it formed:
In late 1940s, the residents of Fort Bragg used to throw their garbage at the place which is now known as Glass Beach. They used to dump all kinds of garbage like appliances, glass and other household items. This place was also known as “The Dumps” by the locals. Also sometimes, people used to set fire to all this garbage to reduce the size of the trash.

In 1967, this area was closed by North Coast Water Quality Board and city leaders. And then Mother Nature helped the people of Fort Bragg to recover from their mistakes and from then till now the sea waves have cleansed the beach and millions of pieces of polished, smoothed glass are now left behind. The colorful pieces of glass that rise up from the sand sparkle in the sun and increases the beauty of the beach.

A video of the glass beach:


If anyone of you have ever been to the glass beach, do share your experience with us.

Image credit: mamojo Images by John ‘K’