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Watermelon Explosions in China

Watermelon ExplosionIt is often said that the excess of some things can be dangerous. In this article, we’ll give you an excellent example of this.

Just imagine that you are going through a field of watermelons and the watermelons start bursting like a bomb.  If you are in China than you may also have witnessed it. Yes, we are talking about spontaneous explosions of the melons.  What happened to the watermelons in China is an interesting even and its worth reading about this incident.

On May 7, 2011, in Jiangsu province of China, many farmers experienced such explosions in their Watermelon fields. About 20 farmers of Danyang City were affected as they lost about 115 acres of watermelons.
The city of Dalu was one of the most affected areas because 67% of the cultivated watermelons exploded there. All such farmers planted watermelons for the first time ever and due to lack of knowledge they experienced this event.
According to Luo Mingsu, one of the farmers who cultivated watermelons, this all started when he sprayed a growth accelerant on his field. This was the very first time that he had planted watermelons, but believed that by spraying a growth accelerator named “forchlorfenuron”, it would benefit him greatly. The very next day 180 of his watermelons exploded”.

How it happened:
According to researchers, all the affected farmers used large quantity of said growth accelerator.  Compounding things, their timing was wrong as they planted the watermelons too late in the season. A sudden rainfall during this whole process compounded the incident and the watermelons across the fields began to overnight spontaneously begin exploding, leaving gaping holes in the crop.  It was as if a giant battle had occurred in their fields as round melons were layed open as if someone with a giant machete laid waste to the farmers crops.