What is a Time Zone

A time zone has been defined as a region within which the time is considered to be the same. This synchronizing of time is mainly employed to make sure that people living in the same country will have the same time within which they plan their activities.

How many time zones are there in the world

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There are about forty time zones around the world. These time zones are synchronized using what is known as the UTC or standard time. Therefore, the time zones range from UTC–12 to UTC+14. The rest of the times are synchronized within those limits. The main importance of the time zone is that when you are visiting a city for the first time, you will be able to know what time of the day it is and what they are likely to be doing once you know what time it will be when you arrive.

How it works

In order to determine these time zones, it has been established that whenever you move between latitudes that are spaced at 15 degrees, you gain or lose an hour depending on where you are going. Thus, if you are moving to the West, you are losing time by the same rate – one hour per 15 degree movement. While if you are moving towards the east you are gaining time. But since time zones are mainly important for legal, social and commercial purposes, you may find that a lot of importance has been attached to making sure that you make use of the correct time zone for your country or region.

The giant countries have many latitudes crossing them at different points. Therefore, you may find that such countries do not have one time zone. But they can have many time zones, as well as one at the very center of the whole country. Therefore, depending on which city you have visited, you would know the time zone they are using and reset your body watch so that you time your activities accordingly.

Amazing facts about time zones:

France has most time zones than any other country in the world and is leading with 12 time zones while United states has 11 and Russia has 9 time zones.

Geographically China has five time zones but officially they have only one time zone.

Almost every village had its own time zone till 1800 based on their own clocks synchronized with solar noon.

Daylight saving time or summer time is a terminology which is being used in many countries in Summer to utilize more sunlight by forwarding their clocks by one hour.

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  1. Michael Badger
    November 1, 2012 | 11:38 pm

    Longitude, not latitude. Lines of latitude are parallel with the equator and have no bearing on time zones. Lines of longitude stretch between the North and South poles and are used to mark time zones.

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