Titanic – Facts, Figures and History

TitanicHow many of you remember the Love Story of Jack and Rose in one of the classic Hollywood Movies i.e “Titanic.” At that times, it was the most expensive movie and broke many records. The movie was based on a real accident of RMS Titanic that was sank on 15th April 1912 during her first voyage from London to New York. With 1514 deaths, it was one of the most deadliest disasters in maritime history.

In this post we are going to explore the Titanic. How large it was? How many passengers were on-board and how did it really sink?

What was on Titanic?

The Royal Mail Ship Titanic (RMS Titanic) was one of the largest and most opulent passenger liner of its time. It was built in three years by Belfast shipbuilding firm Harland and Wolff. The ship was largely designed by Thomas Andrews of Harland and Wolff. It had capacity of 2435 passengers and 892 crew members. It had a carrying capacity of 46,328 tons. The length of the ship was 882.5 feet (269 meters), and was 92 feet (28.2 meters) wide. The height of the ship from keel to top of the funnels was 175 feet (53.3 meters). The two ships, Olympic and the Titanic were built side by side in a specially constructed framework which was able to accommodate their extraordinary size.  It had 20 lifeboats for carrying 1,178 people. Titanic had ten decks and eight of which were for passenger use.

titanic interiorTitanic had around 885 crew members on board for her maiden voyage and Edward Smith was the captain of Titanic.

The facilities provided to the passenger were to ensure highest standards of luxury. The ship could accommodate 739 First Class passengers, 674 in Second Class and 1,026 in Third Class. Titanic interior design was created in a style similar to that of contemporary high-class hotels. Titanic had on-board telephone system, library, large barber shop, gymnasium equipped with the latest exercise machines.

The First Class section had a swimming pool, squash court, Turkish bath, electric bath and a Verandah Cafe. All fitting were made of marble. Titanic’s famous Grand Staircase provided access between the Boat Deck and E Deck. Third Class passengers were accommodated in cabins sleeping between two and ten people, with a further 164 open berths provided for single young men on G Deck. To pass time various leisure facilities were provided for all three classes.

Who was on the Ship?

Titanic boarded on its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, sailing from Southampton, England, to New York City.  During this journey there were a number of prominent people onboard, including American businessman Benjamin Guggenheim, British journalist William Thomas Stead, and Macy’s department store co-owner Isidor Straus and his wife, Ida. In addition, White Star chairman J. Bruce Ismay and main designer of Titanic ship, Thomas Andrews, of Harland and Wolff Andrews were also traveling on the Titanic.

How did Titanic sink?

Titanic sinkingDuring the voyage, at about 11:  50 pm the lookout fleet spotted an iceberg and tried to avoid it by putting the engines in reverse but it was too late and the ship struck the iceberg. In this mishap around 1,500 people lost their life.

Even after 100 years of this mishap, Titanic still remains a permanent legend inspiring many books, movies and paintings.

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  1. Mike Herbert
    July 9, 2012 | 8:55 pm

    The Titanic was not the Titanic. It was her sister ship.Because of delays. the ship’s builder switched they’re names, thus laying a terrible curse upon the ship. Check your history.

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