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5 Celebrities Who Used To Be “Ugly”

A lot of us can’t help but fantasize what it would be like to be famous. To have the money, cars, big houses and everything else that comes along with fortune and fame. Generally, celebrities are looked at as the height of the perfection. They have the perfect face and the perfect body. Magazines articles are written about how good they look and men and women all over the globe stand in awe. However, you might find it shocking to learn that not every celebrity out there started out with the greatest of looks. In fact, one could make an argument that by our societies standards the celebrities on the list below were not overly attractive.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


6 Shocking Facts About Marriage and Dating

It has been a very long time since we have done a dating post. So, we figured that we would research some topics on dating. During this research we found a lot of interesting tidbits relating to dating. Some of the facts we found were so shocking and so interesting we decided to create this post to talk about six of the most shocking things we learned about dating.

The dating and marriage scene are chock full of shocking facts.  I don’t think it is lost on too many people that consistently over 50% of marriages end up in divorce.  Why have to ask ourselves while this is the case and sometimes when a couple splits up the aftermath can be so difficult that the question becomes should they even chance going out and testing the dating scene.  It can really be tough on the psyche when your thought to be partner in life is carved out of your life.  What is there to do?  How does one turn the page?  Is there some kind of secret formula that can help turn these numbers around?  After all, getting married or entering into a serious relationship is a big investment, both from an emotional side and a practical perspective.  And when things go south, it can weigh on people heavily.  The people over at this website have some interesting ideas on things you can do to help keep your marriage or relationship strong.

I think most of us have experienced failing relationships.  Indeed it seems to be the norm for those who are entering into their first or an early relationship.  This fact should cause us to pause and think about whether it is worth moving quickly into a marriage until we have spent a lot of quality time together.  It is a fact that no couple is absolutely ideal and perfectly suitable and compatible for each other.  So knowing this should be a premium on getting to know each other well.  And I know this idea can be sacrilegious to some, but I think people need to seriously live together before tying the knot in order to explore whether the fit is right.  Otherwise, the downside of breakups an having to constantly work to save a marriage that is in trouble can be very problematic.  The pain and suffering of couple struggling to making things work on a personal level is a big price to pay for rushing in.  The love hormones that play on how we think of our lover can throw us for a loop.  Once you come under the spell of the chemicals playing havoc on your brain, you can get hooked on someone that just might not be the right someone for you.

Ok, so keeping with the spirit of this website, let’s lighten things up a bit and look at six really interesting facts about marriage and dating.


1. 90% of rebound relationships are doomed to fail after Marriage.

According to this article 90% of rebound relationships are doomed to fail. A rebound relationship is a type of relationship that forms directly after a person has been in a long term relationship.  So that means that if you have been married and now find yourself separated, be aware that rushing into another relationship may feel right at that moment….it may fill in some need you have.  But more often than not, you likely to get yourself tied up into knots…and we are not talking about tying a new marriage knot!

rebound relationship