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Planking – What is It and How Does It Work

If you have ever heard of the phrase planking or the lying down game and wondered what in the heck it meant…we are about to tell you.  Better yet, we will show you as well, as words are inadequate to capture this unusual and controversial activity.  Imagine someone who lies down, face down and imagine that their planking location is some place very unusual.  Indeed, the more unusual the setting, the more intriguing it is said to be for the participants.  The actual phrase, planking, comes from the word “plank” which is a wooden and flat board often used to build a fence or makeshift stretcher.  In this activity, the human body becomes the plank.


FAKE or REAL - HOW IS IT DONE?Image Credit: Flickr, audivisualjunkie

Image Credit: Flickr, audivisualjunkie


Weird and Unusual Shaped Buildings and Architecture

The Longaburger building in Newark, Ohio is probably one of the strangest shaped buildings in this region of the United States.  Designed and constructed to resemble the appearance of a picnic basket, this building is one of the most creative architectural creations of its kind.  Some may call it weird.  Other may think it strange.  But for those who carry out their day to day activities within the cozy comfort of this picnic basket shaped building, it is just another day at the office.

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr