Weird and Amazing Modern Day Candles

weird and amazing modern candles

image credit: spcbrass

Besides many alternatives to modern day electricity, is a candle. In places, where power fluctuations and failures or no electricity at all, a candle seems to be a blessing to illuminate and bring some light to life.

In this blog post, we are not going to cover what is candle, history of candle and other informative things that we normally cover in our post, but we promise, we will write about that in future.

Since, we were stunned by looking and finding some of the weird and amazing looking modern candles, so we thought to bring it up to your attention and appreciation. As, light is not the sole purpose of a candle, it can be used for heat, ambiance, social, religious and ritual purposes as well.

So next time, you think of buying a candle, don’t forget to visit this post and check on these amazing candles that would definitely light up any occasion.


48 Hour Tall Candle :

48 Hour Horizontal Candle :

50 Hour Beehive Candle :

40 Hour Hurricane Lantern, Black :

Transparent water Gels with Black and White Beads :

Elegant Vase Fillers with Red and White Beads :

Watch this space as we will be adding more modern candles. If you wish for enlarge pictures and further description about where you can find it and prices, you can either click on the images or click on the description given above the image.

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