Who invented Wheel?


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Although,there are thousands of new wonderful and amazing inventions done by the inventors since last some centuries but if we take wheel out of them, majority of these inventions will be of no use.

What is wheel? What is the importance of wheel in our daily life? What is the role of wheel in other inventions? And here arise question of the questions, who invented wheel? We’ll try to find answers of all these questions.

What is wheel?

A wheel is a circular object that is fixed below another object to help that specific object move. The wheel is not only used to move the objects but also in many other machines for various purposes. A wheel mainly reduces friction and help the objects to move with ease. Transportation objects like cars and bikes are the clear examples of wheel’s functionality.

Importance of wheel:

Just imagine if someone ask you to carry an object of 200KG on your back or to walk for hundreds of miles on your foot without any rest, without any doubt, it is impossible. If there was no wheel, there were no cars, bikes, aircraft, cranes, bulldozers and many other machines and objects.

The wheel is said as the most important and the greatest invention of all times. The most important aspect of a wheel is that it made invention of many other objects easy. It became very easy to move larger objects.

The Role of wheel in other objects:

  • They are used in transportation objects like cars and buses.
  • With the help of wheels, the heavy machinery like bulldozers and cranes became mobile and easy to move.
  • They are used in aircraft industry too and help the aircraft to take off and than land back.

Who invented wheel?

ancient wheel

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A mysterious question of all times, who invented wheel?.
It has been thought that the wheel was invented in 8000 B.C but the oldest discovered wheel dates back to 3500 B.c. It was discovered in Mesopotamia (nowadays in Iraq).

Below are the timelines of wheels and its usage in different era.

3200 B.C: For the first time, wheel was used for the transportation purposes in Mesopotamia, Caucasus, Balkans and Central Europe.

3000 B.C: The wheel arrived in Indus Valley.

Circa 2000 B.C: Use of wheeled vehicles started in China.

1500 B.C: Use of wheeled chariots witnessed in India.

1500 B.C: Use of wheel in children’s toys.

1200 B.C: Wheeled-chariot were used widely in China and Scandinavia.

circa 200 A.D: Invention of wheelbarrow

After this some major improvements done in the shape of wheel to make it more effective, and nowadays we can see some amazing kinds of wheels e.g: rubber wheels, tubed wheels, tubeless wheels and much more but this question still remain unanswered that who invented wheel and when?.

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    December 19, 2012 | 6:45 am

    Interesting. But who exactly made it? (If i missed it sorry I skimmed.) And why is there a math equation?

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  10. dt
    February 20, 2013 | 10:40 pm

    Actually the oldest wheel ever found was in Europe, more specifically in Slovenia (former republic of Yugoslavia). It is apx. 5500 years old and whats more archaeologists who excavated it found wooden axle next to it which means the wheel was definitely part of some type of a vehicle/carriage. Who actually invented a first wheel and where is still unknown.

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