Worlds largest family: Ziona Chana

The worlds largest family surrounds against a single person named Ziona Chana, who married to 39 women till known 2011.
This huge family of Ziona Chana is considered to be the largest family of the world which lives in Baktawng village, a mountainous area of Mizoran, India.


Ziona Chana

Ziona Chana beleived to be the head of the worlds largest family comprising of his 39 Wives, 99 Children and 33 Grand Children.

Ziona Chana and his family all lives together in a house, could be called a 4 storey hostel or hotel with 100 rooms.

Amazing Facts about Worlds Largest Family:

  • His wives share bed with him in turns and he prefer the youngest one to be closer with him.
  • 30 chickens are needed to make one single dinner with 132lb potatoes and 220lb of rice.

Images below are Ziona Chana and his family.

ziona chana

image credit: flickr babyacenet

Ziona chana live with his family in this house, the strongest house made in this village.

worlds largest family

image credit: flickr imlean



Chana is heard to be expanded his family, In other words the man is unstoppable as he is still looking for more 🙂

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